Frightened Puppy Shies Away from Humans But Finally Receives My Overwhelming Love

The National Animal Care Rescue Center Media, with its main base in Mexico and various satellite offices, serves a community where animals often aren’t valued due to prevalent underprivileged circumstances. As a consequence, many animals are abandoned, made to live in waste dumps, and are not treated with the respect they deserve. The center’s mission is to rehabilitate these neglected creatures and find loving homes for those that are cast aside.

A subscriber shared a heart-wrenching video with Animal Care Media showing a small dog making its home by a garbage dump. The poor creature, seemingly distrustful of humans, was seen scavenging for food in the vicinity.

When a compassionate man failed to catch the dog, he called the Animal Care Media for help. A rescuer was dispatched to the location and meticulously searched the waste dump, but initially, he couldn’t locate the dog. Eventually, the rescuer found the little one huddled behind some logs, attempting to find warmth.

After the rescue, the dog was taken home, examined, and provided with food. This young male dog, weighing 1.8 kg and approximately 2-3 months old, was found to be healthy, alert, and energetic, despite his previous living conditions.

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