Firemen Save Unconcious Cat’s Life Using A Special Pet Oxygen Mask

Various accidents happen to both humans and animals. In order for the rescue services to be able to help them, they must have certain equipment necessary for this situation. One of these devices, for example, is an oxygen mask for animals. With the help of this device, it was possible to save a cat whose flat, where it lived with its owners, had burned down completely.

The fire in a building in New Orleans caused a lot of property damage as the building burned down completely. Firefighters found the body of a lifeless cat near the burnt building.
To revive the unfortunate cat, they used an oxygen mask specially made for animals.
You can see what the rescue operation looked like in the following video:

Fortunately, the residents of the building were evacuated in time, so there were no casualties.

However, two kittens that were trapped in one of the flats suffocated in the smoke and lost consciousness. After the firefighters found them, they immediately took them outside and laid them on the lawn.
One of the rescuers put an oxygen mask on the cat and it quickly regained consciousness.
In an attempt to revive him, several firefighters stroked his stomach and neck and pumped oxygen into his mouth.
One firefighter can be heard questioning the cat, “How are you doing? Are you feeling better? “

These brave people really did their best to help the unfortunate cats, they did this task with great care and I thank them for that!
The cats were taken to safety, they were given proper care at the veterinary hospital. They should be back with their owners soon.

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