A blind 14-year-old Labrador has his guide, and it’s a cat! (VIDEO)

You know that it is mainly dogs that help blind people to walk the streets safely and alone. They are well-trained dogs that a blind person can rely on unconditionally. Today we present you with a very interesting story about a blind dog who, believe it or not, has a cat as his guide! This dog’s name is Tervel, and even as a small puppy he was left blind and partially deaf due to mistreatment by some nasty people from the street.

Because of his disability, he lived a very secluded life for a long time, without the slightest desire to take a few steps into the world that was so cruel and unfair to this poor dog.
Later he was adopted by a good woman called Anne. With her, his life changed completely. Anne came up with the idea of adopting a stray cat, which she later named Pudditat.

Over time, the bond between a dog and a cat has become incredible. It is not typical for a dog and a cat to get along well, as their temperaments are very different, but this cat just felt the need to help this good dog.

She wanted her to be “his eyes”, she wanted to help him. She became his “guide cat”.
Pudditat was not only the only cat he let near him, she was one of the few animals Kojima let near him at all. This dog simply could not trust anyone because of his trauma.

In the following video you can see a video about this completely unusual friendship:

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