Family Catches Adorable Kitten Sneaking into Baby’s Crib for Cuddles

When my niece entered our family, our cat initially showed little interest. He would briefly observe her out of curiosity but quickly went about his business, paying little attention to the tiny, crying human.

As time went on and my niece grew older, the cat’s curiosity transformed into a greater interest. However, whenever she attempted to interact with him by reaching out to pet him, he would swat her hand or extend his claws. He wasn’t the friendliest companion, as is often the case with cats around babies.

However, when Kelly De Alba brought her newborn daughter, Kallie, home, she was pleasantly surprised by the behavior of our family cat, Luna. Not only did Luna take a liking to the baby, but he also displayed remarkable gentleness and affection towards her.

To Kelly’s amazement, she discovered Luna sneaking into Kallie’s bed at night, seeking precious moments of snuggle time.


In an interview with The Dodo, Kelly shared, “I received a notification and when I checked the camera, I saw Luna rubbing against Kallie.”

She continued, “Luna was snuggled up next to her, as if to say, ‘Mom, don’t come and get me.'”

It became clear that Luna’s affectionate behavior extended beyond nighttime cuddles. Luna remained by Kallie’s side throughout the day, exhibiting remarkable tenderness.

Even when Kallie would inevitably grab a handful of Luna’s fur, Luna would respond differently from most cats. Instead of swatting or scratching, Luna would simply tolerate it. Witnessing the bond they share is truly incredible.

You can witness the heartwarming interactions between Luna and Kallie in the following video:

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