Cat lay motionless for a whole day crying for help with desperate meowing

Hope For Paws received an emergency call about an injured cat, and JoAnn quickly went to the rescue, as reported by ilovemydogsomuch.

Upon arrival, JoAnn learned that the poor cat had not moved since being found the day before and was crying for help with heartbreaking meows. It was clear that he urgently needed assistance and immediate medical care.

Witnessing the cat’s immense pain, JoAnn gently wrapped him in a towel, lifted him, and placed him in a crate to transport him to the hospital for a thorough examination. At CARES, they discovered that Tater Tot had a urinary blockage. Although the procedure to address it was successful, the cat still did not appear to be completely well.

Something was obviously amiss, prompting the medical staff to conduct further investigations. To their shock, they discovered a pellet near his spine, indicating that he had been shot with a BB gun. The extent of cruelty inflicted upon innocent animals by humans is incomprehensible. It became evident that serious surgery was necessary.

A week later, seeing Tater Tot alive and well was truly a sight to behold! After enduring so much hardship, this poor cat deserves nothing less than a loving forever home. In the meantime, he is in good hands with his foster family at Cats At The Studios!

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