Does the moon make the cat restless?

Many cat owners report that their cats seem very restless and sometimes aggressive during a full moon. Whether the moon phase really has an influence on cats, read here.

Does the moon influence cat behavior? There are already numerous studies on the influence of the moon on humans. Even if many report to sleep more restless on full moon nights, provable connections of human behavior to the moon phase could not be proven so far.

What influence the full moon has on animals, however, has not yet been further researched. It is known that certain insect species orient their flight behavior to the moon phase, that the creatures in the Wadden Sea strongly adjust to the moon phases, and that for some animals more mating takes place on full moon nights.

How cats react to the moon

Cats have very fine senses and perceive sounds and movements that even the most observant human cannot hear or see. Many cat owners reported, of noticeable behavior at full moon:

increased activity, cat does not find rest

cat meows especially much

shorter deep sleep phases

increase of territorial fights and quarrels

free roamers are on the road longer

with un-neutered animals: increased mating compulsion

So the bright full moon nights can definitely affect the cat behavior, especially sensitive cats react more sensitive to it than others.

What to do if the cat is particularly restless during the full moon?
If your cat is one of those animals that are particularly restless on full moon nights, thus depriving you of sleep, you can give the cat a particularly good workout the day before the full moon. Put extra interactive playtime on the daily schedule, present her with a new toy, and let her chase her dry food instead of just presenting it to her in the bowl. If you’re lucky, by evening your velvet paw will be really tired and let you sleep – and if not, just enjoy the full moon together.

Experiences of our readers

In the magazine Beloved Cat we asked if your cats behave conspicuously during the full moon. Here is a small excerpt of the answers.

Full moon cat Jessica

My female cat Jessica (black) is also such a full moon cat. The week we have a full moon she is extremely aggressive and bullies her housemates. If I don’t pay attention to the moon, I notice at the latest when she starts “spinning” that we have a full moon. The tomcats are also a bit more restless than usual. What one can do against it? I think there is nothing you can do about it. We humans, after all, also react to the moon, sleep restlessly, etc., and we can’t do anything about it!
Sylvia S.

All cats are more lively at full moon

Probably all cats are livelier at full moon – my tomcat Morle is one of them. I am a bachelor and live alone with him. If he “bullies” me during this time, I get up, drink a hot milk with honey or sometimes a beer, play a little with him and lock him out of my bedroom afterwards, so he doesn’t get used to it.
Otto B.

Sleep robber at full moon

Our cat Jenny, two years old, is also such a creature that robs us of our sleep at full moon. After reacting very angrily to this at first, because I also sleep more restlessly at this time, I then let myself be “inspired” by her: The moon influences the tides and also many people feel its power – some more, some less. The night animals are particularly active – above all the cats, which love this atmosphere especially. Understandable, because the silver light of the full moon enchants the night into an almost fairy-tale landscape.

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