“Chloe: The Epitome of ‘Small Yet Powerful'”

Chloe, a unique feline with hind limb paralysis, has always defied the odds, her challenging condition never dampening her vivacity.

Hannah Shaw, famously referred to as the “Kitten Lady” in animal rescue circles, is an ardent advocate for cats and kittens. Her life is devoted to fostering kittens of all sorts and disseminating relevant and beneficial information about feline rescue.

Hannah encountered Chloe at a local animal shelter while she was there to foster a new set of bottle-fed kittens. The shelter staff introduced her to a new kitten who was unfortunately paralyzed in her hind legs. Despite the grim reality, the moment Hannah met Chloe, she felt compelled to assist her.

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Upon bringing Chloe home, Hannah was filled with a mix of emotions and uncertainty about how to care for this special needs kitten. Fostering a paralyzed kitten was a new experience for her. However, one thing was clear: she was determined to provide Chloe with a fulfilling life.

Over the following three months, Chloe attended more than twenty-four veterinary visits in an attempt to regain mobility. Despite various consultations, it was confirmed that Chloe would never be able to walk. In a bid to help Chloe move, Hannah enlisted the help of a 3D printing engineer to design a customized wheelchair for Chloe.

The wheelchair was a marvel. It was specifically tailored for Chloe’s petite body, complete with a charming Malibu Barbie theme. The hope was that this would be a transformative moment for Chloe.

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Hannah had pictured Chloe jumping into her wheelchair and rolling towards joy. However, the anticipated liberation device ended up restraining Chloe further. It was then that Hannah began to rethink her approach.

Hannah realized she had been imposing her own expectations of happiness onto Chloe – assuming that walking was essential for her satisfaction. She started focusing on creating an optimal environment for Chloe to flourish with a loving family.

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By adding mats to provide traction, steps to help Chloe access furniture, and runners to assist in reaching elevated areas, Hannah created a space that allowed Chloe to be as active and playful as she desired!

Once she had figured out the secret to Chloe’s happiness, Hannah was able to find a dedicated family willing to accept the challenge. Collaboratively, Hannah and the new family helped Chloe adapt to her new environment, which she soon grew to love.

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Chloe is now relishing her life, darting around her permanent home like a speedster. Her resilience and ability to prosper despite adversities are truly commendable, serving as an inspiration to us all.

A big salute to Chloe for being so extraordinary, and a heartfelt thank you to the devoted animal rescuers who helped her achieve her well-deserved blissful life!

Go Chloe Go

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