Bald dog needed help, but one day she was lucky enough to meet a real person

A sick and nearly bald dog wandered the streets of Houston for months looking for help.

One evening, she saw a woman in the parking lot and decided to try her luck. When she spotted the dog, the stranger gave her some food and put a leash around her neck.

The mixed-breed dog made the right choice. The woman brought her home and immediately started looking for a new home for her. She posted a picture of Gardenia (as she named the dog) on Facebook, which soon caught the attention of Katie Evers, a well-known animal rescuer.

Katie brought her new charge home and let her rest. When Gardenia woke up, she was taken to the vet, who diagnosed her with a severe case of demodecosis, a non-contagious form of skin disease caused by a parasite called blackheads.

Gardenia suffered from constant itching but persisted with treatment. She looked depressed and miserable, as if she hated life itself and had long since given up, Katie recalls. The dog ate well but refused to play or interact with people in any way.

But the antibiotics and medicated baths took effect – Gardenia’s skin began to peel off and new fur appeared. After a few weeks of treatment, the dog’s good mood returned. She already looked and behaved differently.

According to her new owner, Gardenia was a lively, mischievous animal who was constantly running around the house and yard with her German Shepherd.

Although Katie was attached to her, she was not ready to keep her forever and was looking for a new permanent home. Soon, her friend Bree Tripaldi showed up.

Along with her fiancĂ©, Jaden, she had been following the dog’s story on social media from the beginning and already knew Gardenia would be a wonderful addition to her family.

From the first moment it was clear that the dog and her owners were made for each other – Bree and Jayden fell in love with Gardenia and didn’t want to let her go. The dog has a great future with people who will do everything to make her happy.

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