After 5 years, Jennifer has hugged her dog again! This incredible story deserves your attention!

Saying goodbye to our loved ones is the hardest thing we do. Some, unfortunately, go forever, others only temporarily. With some people we have strong and unbreakable bonds, so strong that years and the past cannot harm them. Friendships make people age not only with each other, but also with animals. This is a story about one such friendship that time could not change, a story about a dog and Jennifer Koczan from Indiana.
For three years her life was embellished by a Rottweiler dog named Sasha. Sasha the dog was her best friend, the hardest to part with and the one she couldn’t imagine life without.
But in 2008, something happened that changed her life from the ground up. After she finished her day at work, she came home. She expected the daily welcome she was used to. She expected Sasha at the door, but he wasn’t there.
Frightened and stressed, she looked everywhere for him. But the dog was nowhere to be seen. Her heart instantly shattered like glass. Her friend was nowhere to be found. It was a moment she could not process.
The agony the poor woman was in lasted for a whopping 5 years! For 5 years she had no news of her boyfriend, her Sasha.

Just as a person never reconciles with the loss of a loved one or a pet, Jennifer never did either. Every day she got up thinking that she would learn something about her dog. And that day came. One morning her phone rang. The call was from the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) in Phoenix. For a few minutes she was out of it, unable to say a word. She was told that her dog had been found! With the help of a built-in microchip, they were able to locate the whereabouts of the lost dog.
Jennifer hung up and had only one thing on her mind: she urgently needed to get to Arizona!
Luckily, Kindred Hearts’ transport service came to pick Jennifer up and help her bring Sasha back. This trip was very stressful for a dog who was 8 years old at the time.
A million thoughts ran through her head, she was scared of this first meeting. She was afraid that Sasha would recognise her, how she would react at that moment.
And when they finally met, her happiness knew no end! She cried and hugged her dog. She knew that Sasha had recognised her, she knew that her dog was with her again and that her nightmare was over.
No one knows what really happened 5 years earlier, or how the dog disappeared and who kept it all those years. It doesn’t matter now, what matters is that Jennifer and Sasha are together again and that this story has a happy ending.

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