“Abused dog chained to stairs for years with short, heavy chain”

While some people consider their pets as part of their family, sadly, others subject them to neglect and inhumane treatment. Regrettably, Libre, a four-year-old guard dog, was a victim of the latter.

Her owner in Cagua, Venezuela, left her tied up day and night without any food or water, using a thick chain that constricted her breathing. The chain was so short that she couldn’t even lie down.

Thankfully, concerned neighbors noticed the abuse and reported it to the police and local animal shelter, and Libre’s suffering eventually came to an end.

When rescuers arrived, Libre was starving and devoured all the food they provided her. They also noticed raw flesh around her neck, caused by years of hanging from the tight metal chain. They promptly treated her wound and gave her the necessary medical care.

Now, Libre is enjoying life and grateful for her second chance at a happy life.

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