A trapped and frozen dog that had been starving for days was finally rescued!

Rosabella was trapped in a cage that she couldn’t get out of for days, and the temperature kept dropping until the poor dog started to freeze!

“Trapped in a cage as the winter temperatures continued to drop, Rosabella didn’t have much time,” Ruff Start Rescue explained on Facebook.
Just days before Christmas, a cage containing a dog was left on a small road in Minnesota. There was simply no way out for a dog stuck like that.
Rosabella was lucky enough to be found by Ruff Start as he passed that road in St. Paul. Rosabella was slowly losing strength, frostbite was clearly visible on her body, she was malnourished and exhausted. Like any other dog, Rosabella tried to brave the cold by curling up into a ball. But the temperatures were so low that there was not much that could be done.

“She wrapped herself up as tightly as she could to ward off the cold that was seeping through the wire shelter, but her thin body could only protect her to a limited extent,” is how her rescuers described her.
After these good people took her off the streets, Rosabella was taken to a veterinary clinic where she was given first aid.

“After arriving with us, a medical examination showed signs of neglect all over Rosabella’s body. She has ulcers and blisters on her feet, indicating that she has spent most of her life in a kennel. And she only weighs 19 pounds when she should weigh at least 45.

These good people not only took excellent care of the dog and attended to her health, but also found a suitable adopter for Rosabell.
“I don’t think she would have survived 24 hours, probably 48 hours at the most,” says Breanna from Rosabella’s Lucky Rescue. “No matter how thin she was and the conditions she was out in, she would have frozen to death.

When we are happy, we also have a good appetite, we feel like playing and socialising, and it’s the same with dogs. Rosabell very quickly regained her old weight and was in top shape. Her new owners have noticed how incredibly happy she is about her new home, and every day she tries to thank these good people in some way for looking after her and giving her so much love.

“She is playful and fun. She likes to run around in the garden. She gets along very well with our other dogs. She’s just the sweetest little girl in the whole world,” Breanna told CBS Minnesota.
“Our little Christmas miracle!”

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