Biker sees man beating dog on highway, he rescued him and makes him his new co-pilot

Biker Brandon Turnbow is the hero of our story today! Mr Turnbow was riding his motorbike on Highway 171 in Texas when he happened to see a sight that shocked him. He himself is a great lover of animals and just couldn’t stand what he saw. He stopped his motorbike and then went to rescue a small dog that was being beaten by its owner!

This scene upset Turnbow very much, he just couldn’t stand the beating of a cruel man on a small dog that in no way deserved it!
When the monster saw Turnbow approaching him with all his might, he threw the dog, who bounced against the kerb and was further injured. The dog was trembling with fear. His whole body ached. At that moment, Brandon Turnbow had no more patience! Turnbow slowly walked up to him, picked up the dog and took him away. He named him Jack Russell and promised to take him to a much better place where nothing bad would ever happen to him again. And so it did.

During the ride on the motorbike, the dog just lay there motionless and didn’t make a single wrong step.

“I take the risk and just lay my body over him to see if he bites or trusts me,” Turnbow wrote on Facebook. “He then just lays into me shaking so I stand up with him in my arms and put him on the motorbike seat. I just thought, what now?”

Turnbow was very careful throughout the ride, not overdoing it at high speeds lest the dog get excited, which would make everything even more difficult. The little Jack Russell was very comfortable with everything, the road, the engine noise and the speed. He was fine with everything, just to get as far away as possible from the place where he was horribly mistreated.

Turnbow later added another name to the dog: Mr. Davidson, after his Harley-Davidson! Little “Mr. Davidson” loved his new owner more than anything. He went almost everywhere with him, he fitted very well into his new home! And another crazy thing: the little dog started to love motorbike rides! Turnbow once stated: “I try to look back as much as I can to see if the dog was trying to move around or not and surprisingly he actually liked riding…. So we had about 45 miles to ride to get back to my place and Mr Davidson was in heaven! I actually think he was a little mad at times that I was blocking his wind!”

Luckily Turnbow was in the right place at the right time, and so he was able to rescue this little dog who had no one else in the world. We are so happy that the two of them found each other!

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