A great dog rescues a cub from a lake!

Goldendoodle is a cross between a poodle and a retriever, and just such a Goldendoodle is the hero of our story today! His name is Harley. His owner Ralph Dorn noticed one day that his dog Harley had been missing for some time. He decided to look for him, as it is not usual for him to stay away for too long. When he saw his dog Harley in the lake, he was completely shocked and scared!

At first he had no idea why his dog was in the lake, but then he realised that his dog was not alone and that he was part of a rescue operation. He pushed something small with his muzzle and Dorn couldn’t make out what it was from a distance. When the dog came to the shore and pulled the small frightened animal to the bank, Dorn realised that it was a small fawn! This dog is truly a hero. We will never know how the little fawn got into the lake, but as the water was very deep, there was no way the little fawn’s mother could have helped it. Luckily Harley was there at the right time!

Dorn examined the young animal and found that it had no major injuries. The good dog Harley didn’t want to let his new friend go, but he had to.

The next morning, Harley persisted with his idea of going outside, and when Dorn finally let him go, the dog ran into the bushes. There, as it turned out, a fawn was waiting for him. They sniffed at each other and then each went his own way.

This is not the first time Harley has done good deeds. He has trained, worked in a military hospital, helped with psychological problems and participated in raising children. For Harley the dog, doing good is part of life.

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