A dog with skin like stone is now unrecognizable

Animal rescue workers from the organization “This Is Houston” have been called in to capture a stray street dog. However, the experienced animal rescuers are stunned when they see the completely neglected, mange-infested dog with their own eyes for the first time.

People who give their all to save animals – here are their videos. (Scroll down for the article).

The poor animal’s skin is so encrusted that it appears petrified. It is immediately clear to the helpers that the poor condition of the four-legged friend must have been simply accepted and ignored by the people around him for a long time.

Where soft fur should be, the poor animal has only dry, scaled skin with partly bloody places. Injuries that the bitch has inflicted on herself by constantly scratching the itchy skin areas. The extreme itching, caused by the heavy infestation of mange mites, must have caused her terrible agony for quite some time.

The neglected pet with skin like stone is first given a name and is christened “Madelyn” by her rescuers. Shortly thereafter, Madelyn is presented to a veterinarian, who finally estimates her age at 5 years. But the thorough veterinary examination also reveals that the bitch’s heart is infested with worms, which have already caused massive damage to the organ. Nevertheless, the veterinarian immediately initiates drug therapy against the parasites in the weakened bitch and relieves her agonizing itching.

Madelyn almost completely sleeps through the first days in complete safety. It seems as if the dog has a lot of sleep to catch up on, which the extreme itching must have robbed her of over the last few years. Thanks to the now effective treatment of her skin, Madelyn is able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in a very long time.

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, the animal welfare organization that picked Madelyn up on the street draws attention to the terrible fate of the poor soul, who must have been ignored by everyone all her life, and at the same time denounces her:

In the meantime, Madelyn is being lovingly cared for at a foster home and since then she has even started to grow some fur again. The gray, hairless little dog from back then is hardly recognizable thanks to the loving care and nurturing. However, before a permanent home can be found for the brave little dog, Madelyn will probably need quite a while to give both her physical and emotional wounds the time they need to heal.

After all these terrible experiences, it is to be wished for the little, maltreated animal soul that her future owners shower her with all the love and attention that she had to miss so much her whole life so far.

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