“A Blind Pit Bull Abandoned and Left Tied to a Park Bench, Forced to Survive Alone”

What kind of person abandons a blind pit bull? Thankfully, this sweet dog found a loving home.

Unfortunately, many people adopt pets without understanding the immense responsibility that comes with pet ownership. In the case of Polly, a blind pit bull, her owner abandoned her and left her tied to a park bench in Santa Barbara. Confused and scared, Polly had no idea what was going on. She waited for her owner to return, but they never did. Luckily, animal control officers patrolling the park found her.

When animal control officers found Polly, she was too terrified to leave the park bench, even after they untied her. It took some coaxing, but they were finally able to get her to safety. Shockingly, it was discovered that Polly had just given birth, and her cruel owner had adopted her for the sole purpose of selling her puppies before abandoning her. For years, Polly had been forced to breed and her babies were taken from her at birth.

Thankfully, Polly was rescued by animal rescuer Jennifer Wales. Despite Polly’s heart condition, caused by years of breeding, Wales was determined to give her a happy and comfortable life. Polly now lives a wonderful life with Wales and is a happy dog, no longer resembling the scared pup who was left tied to a park bench. Though Polly cannot undergo surgery to fix her heart, she is still loved and cared for, and her story serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership.

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