Wonderful Moment – A Rainbow Heart Is Blown by A Blue Whale

Tanakit Suwanyangyaun captured an amazing image of a magnificent blue whale while it was cleaning its blowhole. The sunlight and water droplets created the illusion of a rainbow-colored heart emanating from the whale’s blowhole, which was a remarkable sight to behold.

During a scuba diving vacation near Sri Lanka, Tanakit had the opportunity to swim with the largest animals on Earth, the blue whales. After taking some photographs of himself with these magnificent creatures underwater, he was ecstatic to capture an unusual shot above the water.

Tanakit considered himself fortunate to have seen the whales, as they passed by rapidly and only for a brief time. He would jump at the chance to see them again, given the opportunity. The photographer and his team decided to explore the region as he was vacationing on a yacht in the Maldives, and Sri Lanka was nearby.

The blue whales, the largest living animals on the planet, were the main attraction for the team’s exploration. Tanakit was amazed by the sheer size of these creatures and felt incredibly lucky to capture the breath of the whale that appeared like a rainbow. The photographs were a dream come true for him, as he had always wished to swim with blue whales. He felt honored to have documented such a unique experience and shared it with the world.

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