Woman in Hospice Bed Bids Final Farewell to Her Cherished Horse and Dogs Amid Illness

This heartwarming story highlights the significant role that animals can play in our lives, and how they can form unique bonds with animals of different species. Jan Holman, a 68-year-old woman, had to leave her horses Bob and Monty and Rowley and her dogs Monty and Rowley when she moved to Hospice of the Good Shepherd in Chester, England. Jan missed her animal friends dearly, especially Bob, whom she had been riding until the day before she went to the hospital.

The hospice staff noticed Jan’s longing for her beloved animals and decided to surprise her by bringing Bob, Monty, and Rowley to visit her. Jan’s face lit up when she saw Bob, who was accompanied by the staff of Thornleigh Park Farm Stables where he lives freely. Despite being bedridden, Jan was able to hold Bob on her lap and stroke his neck, as he put his head through the door to be close to her. She also delighted in feeding him apples, bananas, and carrots.

Jan’s two puppies, Monty and Rowley, also came to visit and slept by her bed, providing her with much-needed comfort. Thanks to the hospice staff’s efforts, Jan was able to enjoy a touching reunion with her animals and find the strength to keep fighting. She and her family were grateful for the staff’s kindness, as they never expected to be able to choose whether or not to bring Bob.

The reunion was captured in several photos, and Jan’s happiness was evident in each one. This story reminds us of the special bond that we can share with our animal companions and the comfort they can bring during difficult times.

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