Weight Loss Journey Continues: Overweight 35 lb Cat Seeks Healthy Home

After receiving an overwhelming amount of support and well wishes for Symba, we are thrilled to share that he has found a caring new home! Symba’s new adopters are fully committed to his well-being, continuing his current diet and exercise plan to help him achieve a healthier weight. Most importantly, they will provide him with the love and care he deserves, ensuring that he thrives in the long run. We will be cheering for you, Symba!

The dedicated animal care workers at the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C. have witnessed many things throughout their careers, but nothing prepared them for Symba!

Last week, an orange tabby named Symba arrived at the HRA adoption center after his owner moved to an assisted living facility that didn’t allow pets. Initially, the staff thought the owner was exaggerating when he mentioned that Symba weighed around 40 pounds. However, their surprise knew no bounds when they laid eyes on the 6-year-old feline meatball!

The medical team at HRA immediately began assessing Symba’s overall health. Shockingly, the morbidly obese cat weighed a whopping 35 pounds—15 pounds above his ideal weight range of 18-20 pounds. Miraculously, a blood glucose check revealed that he had managed to avoid diabetes, but his excessive weight was taking a toll on his well-being.

Symba could only manage a few steps before becoming breathless, and the excessive burden on his joints put him at risk of spine, knee, and hip injuries, as well as arthritis. Keeping this in mind, the compassionate staff at HRA decided to prioritize controlling his diet rather than imposing a strenuous exercise routine, considering his current physical condition.

Food puzzles were introduced to slow down Symba’s eating pace and make him work for his meals. The staff will gradually incorporate more physical activity as his health improves. Currently, they are training him to take a few steps on a cat wheel, offering him a gentle introduction to exercise.

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