Watch the emotional meeting! Girls moved to tears after deputy reunites them with their missing dog

One of the greatest fears is certainly losing those we love, and our pets are certainly among them. We are particularly touched and hurt by the tears of children who suffer the loss of their favourite pet. We are all particularly sensitive and emotional towards their tears. Two little girls were very sad when their dog disappeared and the tears of sadness turned into tears of joy when the local sheriff managed to find him and bring him back to them.

Max is a dog who disappeared from a family’s home in Texas last May. The concerned parents of these girls did everything they could to find the little dog. They put up posters all over town, posted his picture on social media and offered a reasonable reward for all who can find it, but for a long time there was no news about him. Every piece of information that came out initially was false.

All this made people desperate and the babygirls even sadder.
Flyers described Max as a mixed breed dog who was “super friendly” and “very calm and sweet”.
“We miss him so much,” his family wrote.

Deputy Perez of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a dog “wandering around the neighbourhood,” according to the department.

Perez recognised the dog because the search for him had become very popular and his picture was on every noticeboard. Just when everyone was beginning to lose hope that Max the dog would be found, the good news finally came! Max has finally been found after being away from home for weeks!

Perez was there for the emotional moment when the girls, after losing all hope, held their dog in their arms again. Everyone was overjoyed, especially Deputy Perez who felt like a real hero after bringing smiles back to the girls’ faces, and we all know how important every child’s smile is to us!

In the photos released by the sheriff’s office, two little girls can be seen hugging Max, with one of them so overwhelmed with joy that she can’t hold back tears:

“Max and his family are reunited and as you can see from the children’s faces, they couldn’t be happier,” the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office wrote.

These pictures went viral on Facebook, everyone was thrilled to see the sincere emotions of the little girls. Everyone shared moments of joy with them.
Thank you to Deputy Perez for helping to reunite Max with his family!

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