UPS driver finds pit bull waiting for her every day, adopts him after owner’s passing!

Katie Newhouser is a UPS driver and one of the most experienced drivers among her colleagues. In addition to her experience, this woman also stands out for her exceptional humanity. Ketie has helped many abandoned animals in her life, and one dog has won her heart forever!

Facebook/Katie Newhouser
“He always started barking when I came into the apartment complex,” Katie wrote on Facebook. “He would jump in my car whenever I stopped.”
Katie met Leo the dog when he was a small puppy. Leo’s owner was a friend of Katie’s, and when she sadly passed away, her son took care of Leo for a while, but since he was busy with work, he had no one to take care of the dog.
For a long time Leo did not get the attention and love he was used to from his former owner Tina. Katie has always loved the dog Leo in a special way. Being very familiar with the situation, she decided to contact her former friend’s son and ask him to adopt Leo the dog.
Although she already had several dogs in her care, Katie knew Leo would be a good fit for her. He was just such a sweet and friendly dog that everyone adored him!

Facebook/Katie Newhouser

Facebook/Katie Newhouser
“It was probably confusing for him at first, but he settled in well,” Ketie said. “He and his brother Moose are inseparable. Bailey, his sister, took a while to adjust, but everything is falling into place now…. When Leo came into the house, the whole atmosphere changed.”

Watch the video about this unusual story!

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