Meet Goliath, a rescued baby cow that thinks he’s a dog

When we think of pets, the first images that often come to mind are those of typical domestic animals, like dogs or cats. However, in this heartwarming story, it’s not a typical pet, but a calf, that found a loving home.

Shaylee Hubbs shared her family’s unique journey with ABC News, recounting how they came to the rescue of a helpless calf in need. This vulnerable calf, named Goliath, quickly endeared himself to the Hubbs family and seamlessly became a part of their household, which also includes three dogs.

Perhaps it’s the close companionship with these dogs that has led Goliath to adopt some canine-like behaviors. Among the family’s dogs, Goliath formed a particularly strong bond with Leonidas, and the two have become inseparable. They share countless moments of joy and adventure together.

The woman of the house firmly believes that Goliath now sees himself as just another member of the dog pack. In fact, he’s picked up their habits and routines, mimicking their actions and playfulness, proving that animals have an incredible capacity to adapt to the dynamics of their surroundings.

Goliath’s integration into the family extends to some amusing and endearing behaviors. Notably, he’s learned to open doors by himself, and it’s not uncommon to find him lounging comfortably on the family couch. This remarkable calf has not only found a safe haven in the Hubbs family but has also demonstrated the extraordinary ways animals can adapt and bond across species, making him a truly unique and cherished addition to their household.

h/t: CBS News

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