“Unicorn” Dog Escapes Euthanasia After Lump Scare And Finds Perfect Family

Strawberry, a sweet pittie girl, was rescued by the Labelle Foundation last year after being nearly euthanized due to two large lumps on her head.

The rescue took her in and ran tests, finding out that the lumps were just scar tissue from an old injury and not life-threatening. However, the lumps couldn’t be removed without risking brain trauma.

Determined to find a loving family for the “unicorn” dog, the rescue succeeded in doing so when Kristen Kuhlman of South Pasadena, California and her family fell in love with her unique and gentle appearance. Although it took some time for Strawberry to adjust to her new home, she quickly became the most affectionate dog and fit right into their family. This heartwarming story proves that every dog deserves a second chance at life.

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