Trapped in Tar: A Determined Dog’s Resilient Efforts to Bark for Urgent Assistance

In Suwałki, Poland, an abandoned dog was in search of a warm resting place when it stumbled upon a pool of freshly dumped tar. Unaware of the sticky trap, the tired dog settled down, only to realize its predicament later. Desperate for help, it began barking.

With all its strength, the determined dog continued to bark until assistance arrived. Nearby workers, alerted by its calls, rushed to investigate the situation. There they found the dog, helpless and trapped in the tar. Acting swiftly, they contacted Joanna Godlewska, an animal rescuer from the Niczyje Animal Foundation.

As Godlewska approached the scene, she became emotionally invested in freeing the dog from its sticky prison. Miraculously, the dog managed to free its nose from the tar and continued barking for help. The local police and fire departments joined forces to carefully remove the tar from its fur, using oil to counteract its adhesive properties.

After great effort, the rescuers successfully liberated the dog from the tar. Exhausted and in need of care, it was taken to a veterinary clinic where its exhaustion was diagnosed and treated. The doctors also removed nearly a hundred ticks from its body.

Following multiple baths to remove the tar from its paws and fur, the dog received a warm meal and a comfortable bed. Relieved to be free, its future remained uncertain. Minor head wounds were treated, and the resilient dog began regaining strength.

The dog, known as Farcik but also nicknamed “Luck” by its rescuers, had indeed been fortunate to be saved. Godlewska started accompanying Farcik on his journey and learned about the challenges he had faced in his life so far. He now receives all the care and affection he deserves. A post on the Niczyje Animal Foundation’s website stated, “Farcik is taking a break. He regains his strength and, more importantly, his faith in man.”

Once Farcik is fully recovered, he will be made available for adoption. For now, he spends his days with a volunteer from the rescue organization and his nights with a veterinarian. Surrounded by people who love him, Farcik never has to worry about where h

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