Tourists find a huge object on the beach and immediately call police after finding out what it was

A leisurely stroll along the beach took an unexpected turn for a couple when they stumbled upon a colossal, hollow structure that seemed straight out of a sci-fi blockbuster. The incongruity of this massive object against the backdrop of the pristine coast left the couple and onlookers baffled.

Intrigued, the man cautiously ventured into the structure, only to find himself unexpectedly trapped inside. A muffled cry emanated from within, eliciting a collective shudder from the growing crowd of spectators.

Concern for the man’s safety prompted onlookers to alert the authorities. Swiftly responding to the scene, police officers assessed the predicament and concluded that the only recourse was to break open the mysterious structure.

With a combination of tools and collaborative effort, they successfully dismantled the object, freeing the trapped man unscathed.

The enigma surrounding the object’s origin persisted until a spokesperson from a local film studio stepped forward. Astonishingly, the mammoth structure turned out to be a movie prop that had somehow broken loose during filming and drifted ashore.

Relief washed over the couple and the gathered crowd as they realized the peculiar incident had concluded without harm.

As the film studio crew reclaimed their wayward prop, the episode left a lasting impression—a tale of unexpected coastal encounters, shrouded in mystery, suspense, and a touch of Hollywood magic.

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