Tattooed “Black Alien” Can’t Find Job Due To His Looks, Here’s What He Looked Like Before

In a continual pursuit of his envisioned transformation, Anthony, despite having undergone remarkable alterations, claims to have only achieved 34 percent of his ultimate goal. Over the past decade, he has embraced radical body modifications, pushing boundaries and often exposing himself to significant risks, such as eyeball tattooing that temporarily jeopardized his vision.

Anthony’s quest for an extraterrestrial aesthetic led him to surgically remove both ears, complemented by tongue-splitting and other transformative procedures. Evading the constraints of legality in his native France, he has traveled globally for his modifications, even venturing to Spain last year for the surgical removal of his nose.

Dermal implants further enhance his facial features, creating a textured appearance with distinct lines etched across his cheekbones. Anthony, under the moniker Black Alien Project on Instagram, shares his extraordinary evolution with a following of 718,000, consistently astounding his audience with his unyielding commitment to reshaping his physical identity.

In a recent post-surgery image, Anthony revealed his latest venture—the creation of an “alien claw,” exhibiting a bloodied, stitched scar on his hand alongside the caption “I develop my inner peace.”

While his audacious transformations elicit a range of reactions, from praise to skepticism, Anthony remains resolute in his journey, documented on his social media. Some admirers commend his boldness, acknowledging the unsettling yet intriguing nature of his path, while detractors express concerns about perceived disrespect to those facing physical challenges.

One commentator saluted Anthony, saying, “Congratulations on moving forward with the project. It is incredibly wonderful.” However, detractors raised objections, with one asserting, “Blatant disrespect to those that are unfortunate to have lost limbs and look for ways to function as the human body should.”

Despite the diverse responses, Anthony stays committed to his transformative journey, rooted in a passion that began during his time as a security guard, prompting a pivotal realization about the life he desired. At 24, he made a radical decision to leave everything behind and embark on a journey to Australia, and since then, envisioning and strategizing his plans has become second nature to him.

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