Touching sight at the zoo: orangutan lady protects nursing mother

Originally, Gemma Copeland just wanted to get a better look at the orangutans during her visit to the zoo. However, when she sat down close to the glass with her baby Jasper, a female ape joined her. What the female orangutan did next moved zoo visitors.

Thirty-year-old Gemma Copeland was on vacation in Vienna with her 15-week-old son Jasper and her 31-year-old partner Shane. In order to better observe the orangutans at Schönbrunn Zoo, the young mother sat down on the floor with her son. As she began to nurse him, a female orangutan joined the two and kissed the glass.

Mother and monkey – connected in a unique moment

The young mother reported on Facebook, “I had tears in my eyes. It was like she was protecting us. We may be different species, but breastfeeding today connected us in a unique moment that will stay with me forever.” With her video, the British woman wants to draw attention to the fact that women are allowed to breastfeed in public.

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