This rescued king penguin loved going to the fish market so much that his family taught him how to buy fish on his own

Diverse creatures find their way into the hearts and homes of pet enthusiasts, but it’s a rarity to hear of someone adopting a penguin as a cherished member of their family. Nevertheless, in the fascinating realm of unusual pets, there exists the story of a Japanese family who welcomed a penguin into their lives, captivating the attention of the world’s inquisitive minds and garnering the interest of journalists.

This peculiar tale took place at the tail end of the last century, a time when the world was just beginning to scratch the surface of multimedia storytelling. Real TV, an adventurous news outlet, took it upon themselves to shed light on this unique household, and in doing so, etched a piece of history into the annals of pet ownership.

Lala was the name bestowed upon their feathered friend, the penguin who found a place amidst the family from Japan. In 1996, the time when this remarkable documentary was shot, Lala had already clocked a decade of life, his charming presence a testament to the enduring bonds that can form between species.

Lala wasn’t your typical pet, and the family recognized this fact. In a heartwarming gesture, they involved Lala in their daily routines, even accompanying him to the local market. A sight to behold, the penguin sauntered through the bustling market with a small backpack strapped to his back, leaving onlookers in sheer amazement.

But, as often is the case with extraordinary tales, there’s a backstory. Initially, the family came across a penguin that appeared to be in distress, perhaps injured or abandoned by its natural habitat. Their compassionate instincts led them to rescue this unfortunate creature, nursing it back to health.

As the penguin regained its strength, an extraordinary bond formed between the family and their unexpected guest. Lala, as they lovingly named him, soon transitioned from an injured bystander to a cherished member of their family.

Time has since passed, and Lala is no longer among the living. However, the memories of their extraordinary pet, who wore a backpack as he roamed the local markets, will forever remain etched in the hearts and minds of those who had the privilege of witnessing this exceptional bond between species.

Lala, the penguin who touched the lives of a Japanese family and the world, will always hold a special place in the realm of unique and unforgettable pets.

Source: Pintiks

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