12-year-old builds LEGO wheelchair for unwanted puppy, so she can enjoy life

Though he may be a young boy, the size of his heart is unquestionably enormous. His ingenuity and compassion breathed new life into a two-legged dog, captivating people worldwide with his DIY wheelchair creation.


Meet the endearing canine, Gracie, who has faced a challenging journey due to her lack of front legs since birth. To make matters worse, she was abandoned by her original owners shortly after coming into this world.

Fortunately, the caring folks at the shelter opened their arms to welcome Gracie, and shortly after, the Turley family stepped in. They made the heartfelt decision to bring this resilient pup into their home, determined to provide her with the best possible life.


Unfazed by her physical condition, the Turley family showered Gracie with love and care. Even though they grappled with the challenge of keeping her safe, given her unique mobility needs, they never wavered in their commitment.


Their perseverance received a boost when young Dylan, a volunteer at the shelter, decided to lend a hand. He became an invaluable part of Gracie’s journey, and he set out to craft a special solution for her using LEGO.

The result was a custom-made stroller that would enable Gracie to move about just like her four-legged counterparts. While it took a bit of adjustment for Gracie initially, she soon adapted to her new wheels.


The heartwarming video captures Gracie’s incredible transformation and showcases the remarkable partnership between a determined boy and a resilient pup. Dylan’s act of kindness and ingenuity has offered Gracie the chance to embrace life to the fullest.

Watch the video to witness their heartwarming story unfold.

Source: Majestic Animals

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