This is one of the most beautiful rescue stories ever! A little hero saves a deer that is drowning in water!

A photographer named Hasibul Wahab took amazing photos with his camera that went around the world and made many people cry. The pictures show a boy named Belal rescuing a baby deer in an incredible action. Unfortunately, the baby deer ended up in the Noakhali River, and if the boy hadn’t noticed it, it certainly wouldn’t have survived.

The little deer struggled to get out of the river, but it did not have enough strength to do so. It rained a lot in those days, so the river swelled and the water level that day was much higher than usual. When young Bilal saw a deer struggling in the water, he ran without thinking and jumped into the river.

He risked his own life, but his heart is pure and brave, so he did not even think about it. He wanted to save the little deer at any cost.

Young Bilal swam in the water with one hand and held the little deer with the other, so he swam ashore and saved the helpless animal.

Thanks to this brave boy, the baby deer is now safe!

Photographer Hasibul Wahab was in the right place at the right time and was able to take these amazing pictures.

During the rainy season, many deer unfortunately lose their lives in Noakhali. Many friendly locals try their best to save as many animals as possible.

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