This abandoned aircraft hangar is located 60 kilometers from Berlin. When you see what’s inside, you’ll be amazed!

About 60 kilometers from Berlin in the city of Brandenburg, Germany, lies a true tropical paradise, an attraction that can entertain up to 6,000 visitors daily.

Tropical Islands Lures Winter Tourists

With daily temperatures in the region ranging from -1 to 10 degrees Celsius, having a place with tropical temperatures where you can relax and swim all day sounds like a fantastic idea!

The aerium, 360 meters long, 213 meters wide, and 106 meters high, once served as an aircraft hangar. In 2003, a Malaysian corporation purchased it, transforming it into a real tropical paradise with internal temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius.


Inside, you’ll find a beach, numerous pools, tropical plants, bars, and restaurants. To see how it all looks, check out the photo gallery below.


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