They heard barking from underground, then they removed bricks to reveal a dog buried alive

A sidewalk in Russia collapsed, creating a large hole in the bricks. A pregnant dog named Birka used the hole as a shelter, but it was not as safe as she thought.

The workers who noticed the hole and repaired it were not aware that a dog was inside. They laid new bricks and unwittingly buried Birka alive.

Soon after, passersby noticed barking coming from the sidewalk and alerted the authorities. However, when they did not respond quickly enough, a man took action and started to dig out the bricks. Eventually, he was able to free the terrified dog.

Sadly, her puppies did not survive the incident, but Birka was finally safe. Thanks to this man, worse was prevented. Hopefully, the workers will be more careful in the future.

The brave rescue video can be seen below.

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