These men used their big muscles and strength to break up dog fighting rings and free them from their abusive owners!

At first glance, these tattooed guys do not give the impression that they are essentially excellent guys with giant hearts! These guys are bikers who have saved thousands of animals across the USA. To make it easier to function, they founded an organization called “Rescue Ink.” Everyone had only one goal—to save as many animals as possible and give them dignified lives in loving homes.

These bikers investigate cases of animal abuse every day, then go out to take them from violent and cruel owners. When they are finally released, they are taken to veterinary clinics to provide medical help and find a suitable home where they will be loved.
Muscular guys with big hearts, rescuers of thousands of animals, founded a non-profit organization that fights for animal rights. Volunteers of “Rescue Ink” and team members are former soldiers, bikers, police detectives, and bodybuilders.
The guys from “Rescue Ink” admitted it wasn’t always easy. Challenges and obstacles are almost every day, but none of that stops them from persevering in their goal.

Rescue Ink cooperates with many animal shelters and other organizations and authorities, whose support is more than necessary when it comes to their actions.
Many public figures supported these heroes.
And when they are not at work, these brave guys teach children to be humane and kind to all animals.

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