The Inspirational Journey of an Elderly Dog: Battling Bone Cancer in the Face of Neglect

On September 22, GWARP (Global Welfare Association for Rescuing and Protecting Animals) received a distressing report about the neglect and abuse of an elderly dog. It was described as one of the most severe cases they had ever encountered.

The frail and sick dog was found chained, deprived of nourishment and hydration. It was evident that the dog had been suffering from untreated bone cancer for an extended period. The dog had developed osteosarcoma, an exceptionally cruel form of bone cancer, as a consequence of its confined existence on a short chain and a diet of scraps and garbage.

The veterinarian confirmed that extensive injuries and infections are common triggers for this specific type of cancer. Heartbreakingly, the reporter had witnessed the dog being brutally beaten by its intoxicated owner. For years, the dog had been tethered to a short metal chain in the yard, unable to roam freely more than a few feet at a time.

Despite the GWARP rescue team’s unwavering dedication, the dog’s owner refused to relinquish custody, citing legal rights to the animal. Determined to save the dog’s life, the rescuers even sought assistance from the police. After hours of pleading and providing proof of the dog’s urgent need for medical attention, the owner finally agreed to take it to the veterinarian.

Acknowledging the urgent need for medical intervention, including blood tests and potential amputation, GWARP proceeded with the necessary procedures. Tissue samples were collected for histology testing. A member of the GWARP team expressed that despite the progress made thus far, “we still have a long road ahead.”

Amidst the challenging battle against osteosarcoma, a rapidly growing tumor, there was a glimmer of hope for the dog’s survival as X-rays revealed that the cancer had not yet spread to its lungs. However, the relentless growth of the tumor caused the skin to tear.

To help alleviate the trauma of Jordan’s past life, the dog was given a soothing bath to wash away the negative energy and create a fresh start.

Unfortunately, Jordan’s condition could not be adequately treated in Azerbaijan. The best option for him to receive the necessary care was in Turkey, where arrangements were made for his transfer. The group reported that travel plans would be finalized within a few days.

Jordan safely arrived in Istanbul, where he underwent pre-surgery sedation for comprehensive X-rays of his entire body. His journey towards recovery began with the amputation of the tumor-afflicted limb.

Three days have passed since Jordan’s surgery, and he is showing remarkable adaptability in his new life. His appetite has returned, and he eagerly devours the meals prepared by his caregivers.

Let us continue to send our well wishes for Jordan’s swift recovery and hope for a future filled with joy and longevity. The multitude of people touched by your story hold you dear, Jordan.

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