The horse saw his crying friend, approached him and hugged him (VIDEO)

Have you ever needed the embrace of a sincere friend who hugs and comforts you without words or judgement, sincerely and from the heart? If your answer is yes, then you are in luck! For Shania, her only true friend is her horse named Shiner. Shiner is 4 years old and has lived with Shania since the beginning of his life.
Shiner became a real internet sensation when he showed unconditional love and support to his friend. The video shows the moment when a sad woman is crying and a horse approaches her and comforts her.
This moment moved many emotional souls around the world to tears, and how could it be otherwise!
Shania is someone who likes to have long conversations with her horse. Sometimes she needed support, sometimes inspiration, and now, sadly, she needed comfort. She recorded every conversation with a camera.
On her Facebook profile, Shania wrote: “I’ve been through a divorce and was moving out that day. I set up a camera every time I spoke to my horses.”
“I happened to be hiding from my feelings and my horse Shiner felt it,” she continued. “He sensed my pain and just pulled me to his chest to let me cry and soothed me with his thrusts.”

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