The terminally ill dog fought till the end, with the last of his strength to attend the wedding of her favorite human

A tumor is a malignant disease that has separated many of us from our loved ones. Unfortunately, Kelly found out that her friend of fifteen years, a dog named Charlie, was suffering from a brain tumor. The news broke her heart. For a long time, she couldn’t come to terms with the fact that her faithful friend Charlie would soon no longer be with her.

The diagnosis of a brain tumor in this dog caused frequent and severe pain.
But how did the friendship between Charlie and Kelly come about?
Kelly found Charlie when he was just 12 weeks old. Someone abandoned him, left him in a shopping cart outside a store, and some people who found him took him to a shelter. Kelly is a veterinarian by profession and volunteered at this shelter, which is where she first saw Charlie. She fell in love with him at first sight and decided he would be her dog forever.

Previously, Kelly had no plans to adopt a pet, as she was fully dedicated to her education, but this dog radiated so much love and happiness that she was immediately convinced!

Kelly’s fiancĂ©, James Garvin, is also a veterinarian by profession.

As two professionals in their profession, Jaime and Kelly knew very well the suffering and pain their friend Charlie was dealing with. Honestly, they thought of euthanizing the dog, for humane reasons of course. But just ten days before their wedding, the dog miraculously got better.
No one could explain it, not even them as veterinarians. The seizures disappeared, the pain was much lighter, so the dog bore it very well.
He could even walk again.
Kelly knew that her wedding would not have been her true and real happiness without her friend Charlie. At the wedding itself, he was the guest of honor. We can say with certainty that Charlie only overcame death because of his love for Kelly.

Kelly couldn’t stop telling her sweetheart, “You did it buddy, you did it!”.
The wedding itself was very stressful for Charlie. In the end, Kelly’s sister picked Charlie up and literally carried him in her arms.

Guests were moved to tears as Charlie was carried down the aisle, according to photographer Jen Juvenice. “I think he was happy to be at the ceremony. He obviously didn’t know what was going on, but it was his family.

Sadly, Charlie passed away just days after the wedding, on Sept. 9, in a home filled with love, peace and dignity. The pictures from the wedding remain for Kelly as an eternal memory and keepsake of her friend Charlie, they remain as a reminder that someone, out of love for her, told death to wait because it was even more important not to let her down.
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