The apple never falls far from the tree! Meet Papa “Zoro” and his heir!

Meet a very unusual cat and her heir son! Of course, there’s no need to explain anything when things are more than obvious! The little cat has inherited exactly the same face colour as his father, and they both look like the famous hero from the movies and comics – Zoro!

Zoro cats

The little kitten is only a few months old, and its owner, Indragiri Vahyudin Noora (50) from Banjarmasin (Indonesia), proudly shares photos and videos of them on social media. This is how they have become known worldwide, and their followers want “more pictures” every day, because their appearance is really unusual, so much so that many are sceptical whether it is really possible? Oh yes. Nature has played with these wonderful animals by giving them this insanely fun pattern!
Boy and Key – the mother of the kittens – gave birth to their kittens on 9 June. Amazingly, Bandit was born with the same “face mask” as his father.
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