Teen Girl Dies, Then Mom Looks Closer At Her Casket And Realizes Notes Are Scribbled All Over It

Honoring Laura Hillier: A Tribute Uniquely Expressed Confronting Leukemia’s Fierce Battle

Laura Hillier, a remarkable student hailing from Nelson High School in Ontario, Canada, faced the daunting challenges of leukemia at the tender age of 13. After a triumphant four-year period of being cancer-free, the disease tragically reared its head again, claiming Laura on January 20, 2016.

The sentiments shared on the Hope for Laura Facebook page, meticulously maintained by her family, beautifully expressed their feelings, stating, “She displayed unmatched bravery, unwavering poise, and an indomitable spirit. Laura remained a paragon of strength, courage, and radiance until the very end.”

Laura harbored a profound passion for music and drama, leaving an enduring impact on everyone within her school community. Although she received her 12th-grade yearbook prior to her passing, those intimately connected with her believed that her farewell should encapsulate the very essence of a yearbook tribute.

In a touching gesture, her casket transformed into a canvas of remembrance. Family, friends, teachers, and peers adorned it with vibrant, heartfelt messages, celebrating Laura’s life and the profound influence she had on theirs.

Among the myriad of inscriptions, a few shone brightly:

“You were a musical force. You were an artistic soul. You were understanding. You were my confidant.” “Life is a song… Sing until your heart is content.” “Incredibly brave and strong. You will forever be our hero.” The lively annotations on the once blank canvas of the casket symbolized Laura’s vivacious spirit and the lasting impression she left on the world.

A Purple Farewell

In a fitting tribute to Laura’s favorite color, the funeral service was immersed in hues of purple. From sophisticated floral arrangements to attendees donning purple attire, the color permeated the solemn occasion, celebrating Laura’s vibrant approach to life.

Perpetuating Laura’s Legacy

To ensure the enduring legacy of Laura, donations are encouraged in her name to Coast to Coast, a commendable charity devoted to eradicating childhood cancer.

Laura’s journey, though brief, serves as an inspirational reminder of life’s beauty and the significance of cherishing each fleeting moment.

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