Parent’s devastating decision – forced to pull the plug on 13-year-old daughter after sleepover horror

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a vibrant 13-year-old girl named Esra Haynes met a tragic end, prompting her devastated parents to issue a heartfelt warning to spare others from the same fate. Esra, co-captain of the Montrose Football Netball Club and described as “determined, fun, cheeky, and talented,” fell victim to a viral craze known as chroming, leading to irreversible consequences.

Esra, an active athlete with a penchant for racing BMX bikes and leading her team to a national aerobics championship in Queensland, had her promising life cut short after making a fateful decision during a sleepover on March 31. Intrigued by the viral trend, she inhaled a toxic amount of aerosol deodorant, resulting in cardiac arrest and sustaining irreparable brain damage.

Her parents, Andrea and Paul, opened up about the heartbreak on A Current Affair, sharing the devastating consequences of inhaling toxic chemicals in the hope of preventing similar tragedies for other unsuspecting youngsters. Andrea recalled the regular routine of Esra hanging out with friends, emphasizing that it seemed like any other ordinary day until they received the chilling phone call urging them to retrieve their daughter.

Esra’s friends initially underestimated the severity of her condition, mistaking her distress for a panic attack. Unbeknownst to them, Esra was in cardiac arrest due to inhaling deodorant, a fact revealed only when her mother arrived at the scene. Paramedics, attempting to revive Esra, disclosed the unfamiliar term “chroming” to Andrea, marking the beginning of their nightmare.

Transferred to the hospital and placed on life support, Esra’s parents faced the grim reality just eight hours later—her brain damage was beyond repair. With heavy hearts, they made the agonizing decision to pull the plug, surrounded by relatives bidding their final goodbyes as they cuddled their beloved daughter until the end.

Esra’s siblings, Imogen, Seth, and Charlie, remain shattered by the loss, echoing the profound impact on the entire community. Determined to raise awareness and prevent further tragedies, Andrea and Paul are tirelessly working to put an end to the dangerous viral craze that claimed their daughter’s life.

In an interview with 7 News, Paul expressed the desire for greater awareness, lamenting the lack of knowledge about chroming during Esra’s life. He emphasized the need for firsthand information to be accessible to young individuals, urging that they receive the right advice without relying on friends or social media.

Esra’s untimely death is not an isolated incident, as others have fallen victim to chroming over the years, facing consequences ranging from seizures to organ failure. Paul poignantly shared the lasting images of their gut-wrenching experience, expressing the hope that no parent should endure such heartbreak.

The family’s grief is immeasurable, and we extend our deepest condolences, hoping that this tragic tale serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking behind seemingly harmless trends. Let us share this story widely, fostering awareness to protect our loved ones from the devastating consequences of these dangerous fads.

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