Shelter Dog uses her “million dollar smile” to find a forever home

Animal refuges are overflowing with dogs and cats ready to be adopted, yet fewer individuals are showing up to provide them with homes. These shelters try their best to present the unique characteristics of each pet, but a particular 3-year-old canine at Animal Care Centers in New York City managed to draw attention in her own special way.

Foxy, an 86-pound pit bull mix, chose an unusual but charming method to demonstrate her gentle and affectionate nature. Whenever people passed her cage, she would wear a smile that stretched from one ear to the other.

Her strategy was indeed effective.

A staff member at the shelter’s Brooklyn branch filmed this endearing scene. In the video, Foxy exhibits her shiny white teeth while persistently flashing her joyous grin, her tail wagging excitedly. The shelter captioned the video with the question, “Have you ever seen a dog with a million dollar smile?”


3 year old Foxy (ID: 159376) is waiting for a home at Brooklyn ACC! She is a level 1 dog suitable for most households. Stop by during adoption hours or visit to learn more about her and hundreds of NYC adoptables. Thank you @Marie for capturing this adorable moment! #nycacc #boroughbred #nycthingstodo #newyorktok #adoptabledogsoftiktok #rescueismyfavoritebreed #shelterdogsoftiktok #nycdogs #rescuedogsoftiktok

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The footage was shared on TikTok where it enchanted over 600k viewers. Some observant individuals noted that Foxy’s expression was what is commonly referred to as a “submissive smile,” often seen in dogs in shelter environments.

The brief 14-second video generated thousands of comments, with several viewers expressing interest in adopting Foxy. TikTok user Amy Neve commented, “An update! I tried to adopt her but she was adopted last night!!”

Three days after the video made waves online, Foxy found her permanent home. The shelter couldn’t provide much background about Foxy and had advised potential adopters that she would require consistent mental and physical engagement to maintain her wellbeing and happiness.

Her hopes and her Christmas wish have come true.


3 year old Brie is waiting at Manhattan ACC for a furever home. Visit to learn more about her and hundreds of adoptable NYC animals! #nycacc #boroughbred #nycthingstodo #newyorktok #rescueismyfavoritebreed #rescuedogsoftiktok #adoptabledogsoftiktok #shelterdogsoftiktok

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There are countless dogs similar to Foxy, all patiently waiting for a warm and loving home. So, remember, adoption is a better choice than shopping for a pet! You can find all the dogs available for adoption at NYCACC by following this link.

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