She weighed less than a pound at birth and doctors thought she would not survive

Meet the little miracle from Rajasthan, India, whose journey into the world is nothing short of extraordinary. Baby Manushi, born to her mother Seeta at just 28 weeks into pregnancy via C-section, earned the title of a miracle for compelling reasons.

Seeta, at the age of 48, faced the challenge of extremely high blood pressure, prompting doctors to make a swift decision due to concerns about insufficient blood flow through the placenta.

Manushi made her entrance into the world weighing a mere 14 ounces, setting the stage for a challenging battle for survival. Her underdeveloped organs, including the lungs, brain, heart, and kidneys, cast doubt on her chances of making it through. The odds were against her, with a survival rate of less than 1 percent.

Despite the grim prognosis, the resilient Manushi spent six months in the neonatal intensive care unit, where her organs gradually developed.

Her weight at the time of discharge stood at 5.2 pounds, a testament to the remarkable progress she had made.

From the outset, Manushi faced the daunting reality of being placed on a ventilator, yet she defied the odds and surpassed expectations. The challenges continued as her underdeveloped gut prevented conventional feeding, leading doctors to administer essential nutrients directly into her bloodstream.

A turning point arrived at seven weeks old when Manushi began breastfeeding, marking a significant milestone in her journey. With each passing day, she breathed more independently, and her organs continued to grow and develop normally.

The hospital’s director, Dr. Sunil Janged, emphasized the significance of saving Manushi’s life as a powerful message advocating for the importance of female children.

In a society where¬†certain opinions about gender prevail, the medical team’s decision to prioritize the well-being of the infant sought to challenge stereotypes.

While records show that Emilia Grabarczyk, born in 2015 in Wittenberg, Germany, holds the title of the world’s lightest surviving baby at just 8 ounces, Baby Manushi’s story adds another awe-inspiring chapter to the triumph of life against the odds.

As we celebrate the resilience and strength of Baby Manushi, we wish her a joyous and fulfilling life ahead.

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