She quit her job because her boss refused to give her a day off to take her dog for euthanasia

A woman engaged in a discussion on Reddit about how she didn’t receive understanding from her boss due to the loss of her pet.

The user @hopechaynn explained that she quit her job after her boss took offense to her wanting to take a day off to have her dog euthanized. She posted the correspondence between her and her boss on Reddit.

In her initial message, she informed him that she had an urgent family emergency and wouldn’t be able to come to work. His response was that she had to come to her shift and casually asked, “What’s so urgent?”

“That’s not exactly the best reason.”
She explained to him that she couldn’t find a replacement and mentioned that she needed to have her dog euthanized.

“That’s not exactly the best reason to be absent from work,” her boss replied. The woman was shocked by his reaction and informed him that she would be resigning.

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