SCHWARZENEGGER HAD A PACEMAKER IMPLEMENTED AFTER 3 HEART OPERATIONS The famous Terminator: “Now I’m a bit more of a machine”

After enduring three open-heart surgeries, renowned American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (76) underwent a pacemaker implantation procedure. Schwarzenegger has dealt with a congenital heart defect, specifically a bicuspid aortic valve, since birth. His surgical journey began in 1997, followed by procedures in 2018 and 2020, replacing both his pulmonary and aortic valves over the years.

“I’m pleased to report that I’m doing exceptionally well. Despite undergoing surgery earlier in the week, I was back on my feet attending a major environmental event by Friday,” stated the actor, expressing gratitude to the skilled medical team who ensured a smooth and painless operation. Schwarzenegger emphasized that he feels remarkably healthy post-surgery, with no outward signs of recent heart surgery. The decision to implant a pacemaker was prompted by the presence of scar tissue and arrhythmia detected by his doctors.

A pacemaker functions as an electrostimulator for the heart, typically implanted in patients experiencing extreme bradycardia (slow heart rate) or arrhythmia. It serves as a reliable solution for individuals with conditions such as atherosclerosis or heart damage resulting from a heart attack, effectively regulating their heart rate and improving overall cardiac function.

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