Rufus, the Rescued Kangaroo, Demands Daily Couch Cuddles with His Dad

Get ready for the heartwarming tale of Rufus, a rescued kangaroo who has developed a deep affection for lounging on the couch and snuggling with his human dad. Rufus was taken in as an eight-month-old joey by Kym Haywood, who runs the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston. Despite growing up, Rufus’s love for the couch has remained unwavering, and he even has his designated favorite spot.

Every evening, this adorable kangaroo makes his way through the back door, eager to have his well-deserved chill-out time on the couch while watching television. Convincing Rufus to go to bed can be quite a challenge for Kym, as he is quite content in his preferred position. Videos capturing the scene show Rufus flopping onto the sofa, burying his head, and resisting his adoptive mom’s attempts to put him to bed.

Despite offering grapes as a bribe, Rufus cleverly accepts the treats but promptly returns to his comfortable spot on the couch. His owners have long given up fighting for space and simply move farther away as Rufus grows. That particular spot is now reserved solely for Rufus, and when visitors come over, they are informed that no one is allowed to sit there.

Kym and her husband, Neil, happily sacrifice their couch space for Rufus, who has been a part of their lives since he was a young joey. They adore Rufus and cherish the time they spend with him every day. Witnessing the kangaroo lounging on the couch brought immense joy to their hearts. Rufus is undoubtedly a unique kangaroo who finds solace and security on the couch.

He even enjoys watching a bit of television before drifting off into a peaceful sleep in his safe spot. To prevent any accidents, Kym and Neil have covered the couch with mattress protectors. They wholeheartedly embrace whatever makes Rufus happy. However, there are times when Rufus becomes possessive and gently pushes his human companions away if he doesn’t want them sitting too close.

Rufus’s story exemplifies the extraordinary bond between humans and animals. His adoptive parents have embraced his quirks and ensure that he feels loved and secure. With Rufus around, the couch has truly become a place of warmth, comfort, and endless cuddles.

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