Rescued from Death Row: Four Elderly and Toothless Chihuahuas Find a Forever Home Together

Julie Docherty had reservations about getting a pet right after moving to Los Angeles. She felt it would require a significant time commitment, and she was still adjusting to her new surroundings. Instead, she decided to volunteer at a nearby shelter, offering to walk dogs. However, during her first visit, she couldn’t resist falling in love with MoMo, an 11-year-old Chihuahua, and ended up adopting him!

Upon learning that the shelter had many senior dogs in need of homes, Julie made the compassionate decision to welcome three more Chihuahuas into her life. Despite the fact that none of them have any teeth, Julie’s quartet of Chihuahuas—Benito, MoMo, Choli, and Paloma—are a perfect and adorable bunch!

This group of four functions like a senior dog club, doing everything together. Whether it’s soaking up the sun or snoozing, these lovely Chihuahuas are enjoying their golden years in royal fashion.

Julie’s decision to provide a forever home for geriatric pups speaks volumes about her kindness and compassion. She is truly a wonderful person!

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