“Rescued Dog Devours Nonstop After Suffering from Hunger and Neglect in Local Community”

Last month, a heart-wrenching video was shared on our social media group, depicting an emaciated dog being shooed away by people. The dog urgently needed our help, and we were determined to rescue her. Despite facing initial setbacks, we eventually located the dog and named her “Since” as nobody had seen her until that moment.

Our hearts broke when we found her. Starving and weak, she used all her strength to eat the food we offered her. We quickly booked an appointment with the vet, and her condition was worse than we had anticipated. Her neglected state over eight months had caused overgrown nails and a bleeding uterus. We had to take an X-ray to know the full extent of her medical needs, but for the time being, our focus was on stopping the bleeding.

The treatment was painful, but Since fought bravely. We received some good news the following day as she tested negative for cancer, and her health was improving. After ten days in the vet, she was finally back with us, still skinny but safe. We gave her new clothes to keep her warm and continued supporting her through her recovery.

Since’s story is a reminder of the struggles that street animals face and the need to help them. Neglected, abused, and abandoned, they require our compassion and care to survive. It is crucial to be kind to animals and lend a helping hand whenever possible. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a better life for all animals in need.

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