Rescue Parrot Steps in as Mother to Abandoned Kittens

Rescuing animals always brings unexpected surprises and profound connections. It’s no wonder we often see the bumper sticker that asks, “Who Rescued Who?”

In Brazil, Josemar Milli experienced the transformative power of animal rescue firsthand. It all began when he saved a parrot and gave him the name Louro.

One day, Milli noticed some peculiar behavior from Louro. They lived on a farm, and the parrot seemed particularly drawn to an old fence post.

Curiosity piqued, Milli grew concerned as Louro spent three nights away from home. Determined to uncover the mystery, he went to investigate.

To his amazement, Milli discovered Louro standing guard over three helpless kittens. Touched by this special moment, he recorded a video to document the heartwarming scene and shared it on TikTok.

Watch the touching video below:

It’s almost as if Louro takes pride in being a protector to these little kittens, as if they were her own.

Louro was rescued by the Milli family in 2008 when they found two young birds on the ground. They brought the orphans home and raised them without cages before releasing them into the wild. However, Louro chose to stay with her human family.

Gratefully, the kittens were taken in and provided with the care they desperately needed.

Back at home, Louro continued her watchful eye over the kittens, making sure they were safe and nurtured.

Speaking with The Dodo, Milli revealed that the spot near the fence post was originally Louro’s nesting area, but the cats had taken it over.

The kittens had been abandoned by their mother, and it appeared that Louro instinctively took on the role of their protector.

Now, the entire Milli family has come together to provide love and support for these precious kittens.

It’s evident that the cats have seamlessly become a cherished part of the family, alongside their faithful companion, Louro the parrot.

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