PRINCE WILLIAM’S ALLEGED LOVER HAS HAD ENOUGH: Kate Middleton’s “rival from the countryside” announced

Prince William’s alleged lover, Marquise Rose, has finally spoken! Rose Hanbury, former model and wife of the Marquis of Cholmondeley, has decided to put an end to rumors of an alleged affair with Prince William.

With the increase in public interest in all things royal, especially after Kate Middleton’s surgery, old gossip has become relevant again. One of those stories is about “Prince William’s lover” and “rival from the countryside” Kate Middleton.

Rose and her husband David live near Anmer Hall, where the future King and Queen of Great Britain once made their home. Both couples move in the same social circles, given that David is a Marquess, fourth in line to the British nobility. His descent from the line of the great Lord Chamberlain adds further importance to the case.

A response has also arrived from Rose, through her lawyers, which makes it clear that the rumors are completely untrue. This is the first time that the former model has spoken out about these affairs, as confirmed by numerous sources close to the family.

Although there were stories about the alleged cooling of relations between the two married couples after the disputed articles saw the light of day, sources close to the family claim otherwise. Even the contacts between David and William during the weekend went without any problems, and the wives were hurt even by the very idea of a possible conflict or misunderstanding between them.

For now, there is no talk of possible lawsuits against the media, because none of them have provided any evidence for their empty claims.

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