Obese dog near field, he is forlorn and has nowhere to go

In the vicinity of a farm, a distressing sight unfolded – a severely obese dog left to fend for himself. His excessive weight had taken a toll on his joints, making each movement a laborious and painful effort. This portly pup, aptly named Arbuckle, carried a staggering weight of around 116 pounds, a burden that threatened his very mobility.

It was A Purposeful Rescue that stepped in to make a difference in Arbuckle’s life, fully determined to provide him with the help and care he so desperately needed.

Upon a thorough examination by veterinarians, it was revealed that Arbuckle was suffering from hypothyroidism, a condition responsible for his body’s excessive bloating. At first, his immobility was addressed with medication, a lifeline to restore his health.

As the medication worked its magic, Arbuckle’s weight gradually normalized, granting him the freedom to move once more. The darkest days of his life seemed to be receding, and hope was on the horizon.

Then, a twist of fate took him on a journey he could scarcely have imagined. Renowned actress Jane Lynch and her partner caught wind of Arbuckle’s story and made the compassionate decision to welcome him into their loving family.

Now, Arbuckle enjoys the warmth and affection of a true forever home, surrounded by a family that cherishes him. His life and remarkable transformation serve as an inspiration to many who face adversity.

Though Arbuckle’s journey was rife with challenges, he emerged as a testament to resilience, hope, and the unwavering power of love. He became a living miracle, demonstrating the extraordinary transformations that are possible when kindness and compassion are extended to those in need.

Regrettably, it was recently reported that Arbuckle has passed away at the age of nine. An outpouring of support and donations from people who had come to love and follow his life serves as a lasting tribute to his memory.

Though he is no longer with us, we hope that Arbuckle is now resting in peace, surrounded by the love and comfort he so deeply deserved.

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