Mutilated Dog Without Nostrils Found Abandoned in Local Park

It’s never a justifiable act to discard or abandon an animal, yet some unfeeling individuals in this world seem indifferent to the fate of their helpless pets, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Warning: GRAPHIC Content!

The kind-hearted folks at Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia were recently alerted about a tiny Pitbull wandering through the woods of Pennypack Park. Whoever left the adorable dog there, seemed unconcerned about her fate or whether she lived or died.

Upon closer examination of the precious pup, it was found that she had disfiguring facial injuries and was clearly a victim of dog abuse. Her eyes were sunken, her posture was low, and without intervention, she was certain to die alone in the park. The compassionate people at the Pennsylvania SPCA took her in and named her Lavendar, or Lovie, as they affectionately began calling her. Poor Lovie would require a lot of love and attention, but the rescue group was up to the task.

Lovie’s abandonment was not the greatest concern for her rescuers. Instead, they worried about her disfigured face, which “affected her nasal passages and left no nostrils visible.” Although she can breathe through her mouth, it’s uncertain whether she’ll ever breathe normally again.

No one knows who left Lovie in the woods, why, or how she ended up with such brutal injuries. The folks at Pennsylvania SPCA hope that someone will recognize Lovie and provide information about her. They’re committed to providing her a loving environment and the best medical care, but the Humane Law Enforcement team is keen to locate the monster who inflicted this harm on Lovie.

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