Melon Be Smellin Exemplifies the Discerning Taste of Cats

Cat owners are well aware of their feline companions’ selective nature when it comes to food. Some cats take their pickiness to the extreme, surpassing mere choosiness.

While this fact isn’t exactly groundbreaking, witnessing the behavior of a truly picky cat can be quite surprising. This might explain the widespread fascination with the social media series, aptly named “Melon be Smellin.”

As the name suggests, the star of the show is a cat named Melon, and her dedicated human caretakers go to great lengths to ensure she experiences something unique every day. Their routine involves presenting an item for Melon to sniff.

More often than not, Melon’s reaction to the scent is far from content. She may even gag at certain odors. However, rest assured that the items presented to her never go to waste, as her feline sibling, Finn, happily indulges in whatever Melon rejects.

Along the way, there have been surprising discoveries, with some foods unexpectedly capturing Melon’s palate, while others—such as lettuce—defy the expectations of a typical cat’s appetite.

Since its inception in June 2022, the Melon be Smellin series has produced over 100 episodes. Regardless of the platform or episode you choose to watch, you will undoubtedly develop an instant affection for this feline with strong opinions about everything placed before her.

Take a moment to explore the captivating videos below and witness Melon’s discerning taste for yourself:

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